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We are an Elm endorsed school. This is your assurance that we have been vetted by a school with a long history of quality instruction. After successfully completing the Elm preparatory course you will have the opportunity to attend our 28-day guide and packer course. This course is an excellent way to learn about the many skills that you need to be successful at a career in wilderness packing and guiding. One of the many advantages of an Elm endorsed school is Julie and Michael's many contacts in the guiding industry in the Rocky Mountain states and their proven track record of placing graduates in exciting jobs. Call Julie and Michael for more information on their preparatory course. 

Elm Outfitter and Guide School


Your instructor


Your primary instructor, Rick Adkins, has been a licensed outfitter and guide for over 20 years. He continues to operate a full service outfit based in Missoula, Montana, with permits to operate horse packing trips, wilderness fishing expeditions, and guided hunting trips in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Rick will be with you every step of the way teaching you the fundamental skills needed to attain a job in the wilderness guiding profession.

His hands on training focuses on the skills that outfitters need in new hires.

Our training focus


When you begin a career in guiding you are not generally put into a position of guiding hunters in the beginning. The outfitter that hires you wants to see horsemanship skills, packing skills, and gain confidence in your trustworthiness as someone he can depend on to safely take care of his guests, his stock, and equipment. Our focus is on these skills while at the same time teaching what you need to know about successful strategies used in  big game and fishing guiding. You will spend much time on a horse in the mountains of the Bob Marshall Wilderness. The greatest teacher of horsemanship is miles in the saddle. Rick will be with you every step of the way as you learn to ride and pack horses and mules.

Overview of the training process


We start out at the Monture trailhead and camp near Ovando, Montana. Our first 2 weeks will be spent there learning the foundational skills needed to travel and live safely in the wilderness. We will learn how to use a chainsaw, hand tools, saddling techniques and packing skills. Horses and mules will be in the corrals at all times available for us to use in the learning process. It is not possible to list here all the things you will learn. Included in the first 2 weeks of the class will be horseshoeing, taxidermy, and first aid. The second 2 weeks of the class will include an extended horse pack trip into the Bob Marshall Wilderness where we will practice what we have learned and continue with the school in the same type of setting you will be operating in the future.

Accommodations and recreation opportunities


Our camp at the Monture trailhead includes wall tents with wood stoves, cots, and a kitchen and dining area. We serve the same great meals that we serve our guests. Breakfast is served between 7 and 8 and include bacon, sausage, ham, with an entrees of pancakes, eggs, breakfast sandwiches, omelets, and fruit. We set out sandwich meats, cheese, and condiments along with snacks and fruit after breakfast so we can make a lunch for the day. Dinners include a fresh salad every night with main dishes such as chicken, pork chops, a spaghetti night, and barbeques. Dinner is served between 5 and 6 and after dinner you'll have free time to relax, sit around the fire, or take a walk or drive to explore the area. Most weekends you are free to go into town to wash clothes, explore the surrounding mountains or maybe go fishing.

Contact information


Elm Outfitters and Guides Training Program has Maintained 100% job placement assistance for qualified graduates with reputable outfitters in the Rocky Mountains.

Elm Outfitters and Guides Training Program has Maintained 100% job placement assistance for qualified graduates with reputable outfitter in the Rocky Mountains.

For more information please contact Michael or Julie Knott.

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